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Mountain Sunset


 I love empowering patients to understand their bodies and discover the gentle power of the healing arts and one way to do this is to connect to Goddesses. This can seem like an odd concept to someone who has enjoyed the comfort of a traditional Christian upbringing. I, myself, have a strong connection with Jesus and Mother Mary. I also learned to pray the Rosary from my Catholic grade school years. A convent of Nuns was attached to my school and gave us instruction. My priest required us to go to church every day. 

As I grew older I searched for knowledge that people for thousands of years have longed to find. What I found were traditions that were thousand of years old. The more I learned the more it strengthened my faith in the Divine. Often times the words used were different but the energy was the same. 

I like to break it down like this, meeting a Goddess can be like dining at a fancy restaurant. Some people will only ever want meat and potatoes. I have no judgement about this. These courses won't be for you. Some people are foodies and want to experience different cultures and ideas through food or energy.  When you have an experience with a Goddess you enjoy a finely prepared "meal." I mean this with no disrespect but with the hope I can explain the unexplainable. Each Goddess, through decades of stories and beliefs brings a very specific energy that help you learn and grow. A type of "food" each with their own "menu" of special skills. Because of the longevity and continuity of their stories, these Goddesses bring a recognizable energy.

And just like a fine dining experience you may want to have some friends join you. You may want to prepare yourself, dress nice, and keep an open mind.  And not unlike being a foodie, some energies will become your favorites and some will become a distant memory. When you keep an open mind you are able to experience different cultural energies.

This is a time like no other. You don't have to limit yourself to what you have always known. You now have the ability to cross time, space and cultural differences and experience the energies of your ancestors. And use these energies to heal yourself and others. It's a beautiful time to be alive.

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