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I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with the Goddess Athena. My mentor attuned me to her fearlessness aspect, and I feel passionate about this energy. This energy can help you overcome fear, anxiety and self-destructive behaviors that limit your potential and hinder your growth.

The Goddess Athena is a fierce warrior who uses logic over emotions. Her very existence was a fight. Zues didn’t want her to live. But she sprang forth from his head fully protected, such a fearless warrior she became Zues’ favorite. Her protection came from her helmet, armor, owl, spear and shield with Medusa’s head.

Her helmet and armor provide her logic and grounding. She uses her logic to assess the situation. Fear is a useful tool. It tells the body to be alert and make a reaction, fight or flight. Fear can literally save your life. But it can also hinder you. It can create false monsters and imaginary situations. When you use logic over emotions when fear and anxiety arise, the situation can be assessed properly. Do you need to run, fight, retreat or protect yourself? If so, devise a strategy, quickly, not from emotions but from reason. If you are not in real danger, ask yourself why I am fearful. It could even be a past life issue. Release it. Let it go.

A tool Goddess Athena used was her owl. Her owl carried messages to her. By learning to read the signs and messages the universe sends us we can devise a strategy that best suits our needs. It’s important to know that the world is speaking to you. It’s your world everything in it should mean something to you. Every day the universe sends you messages because it wants you to succeed. It wants to help you make the best choices, the best strategy. The more you see the messages the more you connect to the universe. When you connect to the universe you become secure in your limitless potential, fearless of your next move because you know the universe has your back, it speaks to you.

A rare weapon Goddess Athena possessed was her spear, which is actually a lightning bolt. Only Zues and the Goddess Athena knew how to access the power of lightning. Lightning strikes unexpectedly and that is its true power. Just the sound of lightning cause one to retreat indoors. No one knows exactly where it will strike so all take cover. When lightning strikes in the dark it illuminates the area allowing you to see what lies ahead. Lightning bolts awaken the senses and the unexpected becomes your tool not your fear.

A powerful weapon Goddess Athena carried was her shield with the cut-off head of Medusa on the front. Medusa could turn men to stone with one look. If we think of Medusa as our shadow side, a side that carries our darker instincts, our lower vibrations, we can see how one look at ourselves can turn us to stone. When we allow this side to overtake our personality, our thoughts we lower our vibrations. We become stones. We no longer feel, or care, anger, bitterness, fear and self-destructive behaviors become our lives. Goddess Athena used Medusa to protect her from those who would lower her vibrations, her energy. She did not battle that enemy. She allowed that enemy to battle himself. Because she was so secure in herself. When we know who we are and accept it we become protected. Society, friends and family cannot change you. Your divine, limitless soul is protected. And with that protection comes security. Secure acceptance of yourself brings complete freedom and fearlessness. You become so solid in your foundation, your core, no one can shake you. In fact, your fearlessness will vibrate your enemies out of your frequency. They will turn to stone when they encounter your divine limitless energy.

When you look on the outside for acceptance you will constantly fear your rejection, your inabilities, your failures. But when you allow happiness and security to reach your soul, to feel it, to make peace with it, to listen when it speaks to you, to accept yourself, you become fearless. Listen to the voice of your soul, this is the true path to happiness.

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