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Aromatherapy Goddess Freya

Aromatherapy Goddess Freya


This blend is especially useful for magickal manifestation, and brings in healing and wholeness, increases inspiration and innovation, and draws to you love and luck.

 This scent was channelled from the Goddess Freya during the potent energy of the 6/6 portal and the summer soltice.  The 6/6 portal is the mid-point between the ancient festivals of Beltane and the peak of the solar ascent of the summer soltice. The Goddess Freya is a complex and comprehensive Goddess of the Northern tradition.  She is the Great Mother, Goddess of Love, Goddess of Wealth, Goddess of Magick, Warrior amd Valkyrie, High Priestess and Witch.  It reveals the sacred secret nature of the Goddess as a reflection of the life-force that ebbs and flows, and is reinvented, renewed and replenished at this time of the year. 


    This product uses fractionated coconut oil as a base, orange peel, chamomile flowers and mica powder.


    Please contact me if you are dissatisfied with your purchase. I can offer a replacement item.


    Item will ship 3 days after purchase and you will be notified by email when item ships.

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