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Aromatherapy Unicorn Love & Light

Aromatherapy Unicorn Love & Light


Release your inner child with this healing aromatherapy. This scent was channeled from my personal Unicorn Spirit Guide. It's a light scent of Myrhh and Jasmine Flowers. It also charged with healing energy of unicorns that is released every time you wear it. If you are in need of some inner child healing this is the scent for you.

This high vibrational energy reflects the loving, light-hearted and inspirational nature of the Unicorns. These powerful Emissaries of the Light occupy transcended, heavenly spheres and are often compared with angels. They offer healing, comfort and guidance to those that connect with them and can help you to manifest more positive and healing energies into your life.

This energy is indicated for: inner-child healing, self-love, self-care, healing the earth, healing humanity, healing during shadow-work or grief, overcoming trauma, purifying the energy field, enhanced creativity, clearing heavy energies from the home, dissolving stress, resolving anxiety, cleansing/charging crystals and bringing fun, light-heartedness and joy into your life.


    This product uses fractionated coconut oil as a base and does contain jasmine flowers.


    Please contact me if you are dissatisfied with your purchase. I can offer a replacement item.


    Item will ship 3 days after purchase and you will be notified by email when item ships.

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