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Heart of the Witch Candle

Heart of the Witch Candle


This Black Fig and Honey scented candle can be used in ritual and meditation to connect you to the spirit of the witch, the spirit of magick, and the heart of the true self. The Heart of the Witch is nature and magickoriented.

The Heart of the Witch is filled with love, spirituality, and nature connections. The energies of this system will help you with interpreting nature signs and spirit animal messages. It will increase your ability to work with herbs and your personal power for magickal spells and rituals. It helps you pull up that inner power from deep within and connect to nature and spirit. Using these energies helps you gain wisdom and increases your

energy work, and it gets stronger the more you use it.

If you enjoy this energy, you can connect further with The Heart of the Witch Attunement and Goddess Soap.

  • Product Details

    Pure Beeswax with a charged Crystal

  • Return Policy

    Please contact me if you are dissatisfied with your purchase. I can offer a replacement item.


    Product will be shipped within 3 days of notification of product in stock.

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