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I always offer attunements using the Orb of Life. This system allows me to contain your attunement in universal life force energy. You can receive these frequencies either at my suite or in your home at your leisure. All attunement courses confer the ability to attune others to empower you when you study and pursue your spiritual path.

When there are multiple attunements in the program, the first attunement is introduced in my suite using the Orb of Life.  I will show you how to access this energy attunement and introduce you to these energies. The subsequent attunements are received through the Orb of Life at your home. You will also receive a certificate of your attunement and Lineage of each one.

I will create an Orb of Energy and program it with your attunement. Orbs of Life never expire. They are programed to be self sustaining. Orbs of Life will preserve and contain the energy of the attunement until you activate them by calling them to you. Universal energy is exactly what it says, Universal; time and distance do not apply when working with this energy. You are encouraged to learn at your own pace and enjoy the process!

 Your Future Grows When You Do

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