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Golden Opportunity Spell

Golden Opportunity Spell

SKU: SJGO662022

This magickal working is for Golden Opportunities. Using the energy and magick of the Goddess Freya and her Brisingaman Necklace, I have harnessed the elements for manifesting a Golden Opportunity in the 3d world.

Goddess Freya is the Goddess of Love, Goddess of Wealth, Goddess of Magick, Warrior and Valkyrie, High Priestess and Witch. She is the holder of Brisingamen; A golden necklace wrought by elemental beings. Brisingaman represents the creative principle and acts as a conduit for manifestation and magick. Each jar carries a physical representation of the golden necklace Brisingaman.

Use this magick by writing your wishes on a piece of paper and place your spell jar on top of your wishes. If it is for your highest good your golden opportunity will appear. You can use it to enhance your magickal manifesting, bring healing and wholeness, increase inspiration and innovation, draw love and luck towards you. It can be focused for increases in beauty, romance, wealth, magickal abilities, healing, prosperity, success, influence, magnetism, attraction, happiness, authenticity, spiritual gifts and personal empowerment. It can also bring a general positive and progressive influence that will increase the vibration and magnetism of the aura to manifest a shift in fortune and create a sphere of beneficial energy around you that attracts and enhances opportunities that increase your personal power, pleasure and prosperity in all areas.


    Each spell jar contains a magickal necklace to represent the Brisingaman necklace of Goddess Freya.  Plus other magickal ingredients and sealed in wax with a Tree of Life stamp.  It is also wrapped in a pentagram charm and rune symbols for true manifestation of a Golden Opportunity


    If you are dissatisfied with your purchase in any way please let me know.  I may not be able to replace the item due to the nature and timing of magick but I will replace with a comparable item.


    Product will ship within three days of purchase and you will be notified by email when product ships.

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