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Knot of Isis Spell

Knot of Isis Spell


This spell starts with the sands of time, allowing you the ability to travel through time and heal your inner child and previous lifetimes where you separated your energies either through trauma, loss, grief or pain.  Using the knot of Isis an ancient Egyptian magickal spell, you call back all of your energy to the present time to live in a state of wholeness. It creates a twinning with the Goddess Isis, intregrating part of her into your energy.

Deeply personal, spiritually powerful and beautiful growth experience for the soul.  Intergrating the Divine Feminine to love her and to be loved by her. As you soul braids or twines with her you will feel your awareness and consciouness of your own Divine Feminine, blending body and soul together.  As you work with this jar and the incantation you will feel your soul light with no distinction between your soul and your body.  A magnificent, luminious joyful state of wonder. People will be asking you what you have been doing to have such an inner glow!

This inner glow brings new life. Life will prevail and your creation will come to pass.  You will flow in the right direction and you will have spiritual support from the unseen world.  It is safe to trust and allow the process to unfold.  Your divine soul is behind it and new life is emerging.  This new life is very deeply spiritual and will be highly transformative from the inside out.  You could also have a very strong physical birth, with changes in your health, physcial world or lifestyle that are pronounced.  Either way, it's safe to trust in the changes and that they serve your highest good.  

Abundance of Sothis, Goddess Isis, brings abundance in many forms. It is flowing to you now, expect increased flow and to continue good works of building channels through which abundance can be delivered to you.  Freely sharing your talents, love, wisdom, and self, and enjoy abundance responsively flowing to you, in many forms over and over again. 



    Each spell jar contains a magickal Isis Knot an ancient Egyptian spell.  Plus other magickal ingredients and sealed in wax with a Tree of Life stamp.  It is also wrapped in either Isis winged charm or a six pointed star to represent the Merkaba. Both represent the travel through time to bring healing and wholeness to the soul. 


    If you are dissatisfied with your purchase in any way please let me know.  I may not be able to replace the item due to the nature and timing of magick but I will replace with a comparable item.


    Product will ship within three days of purchase and you will be notified by email when product ships.

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