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Weight Loss Reiki

Channeled with Angelic beings this system is a rebalance of appetite

  • 1 h
  • 90 US dollars
  • Distant Orb of Life


Through this work I have been awarded the knowledge and energy of a series of powerful attunements to assist others that have problems in this area. To be clear, we’re talking about an appetite problem that isn’t ‘true’ in origin. Maybe it’s emotional; provoked by medication; boredom; habit; unhappiness etc. So it’s not a case of being an appetite suppressant for those who want to lose weight on a ‘diet’. It is a way for those who have problems with their appetite being ‘out of whack’ to rebalance their appetite and thereby lose weight. The energy that you will be attuned to in this course is an aspect of this Universal Energy. Imagine it this way; pure white light is also called ‘full spectrum light’ because when it is shone through a prism, it is refracted into its component parts; a rainbow of colors. So if you imagine Reiki as the pure white light, the energy of the attunements you will receive for Weight Loss Reiki, are like single colors taken from this main source; each with a unique vibration. The vibration of the energy is what makes the attunement work. When the attunement is sent to you, this new energy vibration is recognized in your energy field and is absorbed into it, subtly altering the vibration of your energy field. When your energy field vibration shifts, so does your energy vibration (and therefore consciousness, experience and awareness) on all other levels. Once you’ve been attuned, the energy can be called upon to modify your ‘basal vibrational frequency’ and thereby effect a change in your emotional, physical, spiritual and mental perception and sentiment. This change is subtle but powerful and will affect you on the level of your perceived NEED to eat even when you’re not physically hungry. (Don’t worry, it won’t stop you wanting to eat when you are genuinely physically hungry!). There are 3 attunements given over 3 consecutive weeks. And from your first attunement, there are techniques to use to help you to overcome your compulsions/habits regarding food. You will be amazed at how this frees your spirit. *3 Attunements *28 page manual pdf format by email *Certificate of Achievement and Lineage. Your lineage is proof you have been attuned by a genuine master *Prerequisites: None

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule please contact us 24 hours in advance if possible

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Bolt + Tie Building Suite 178 1400 Main Street, Clarksville, IN 47129, USA

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