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WOLSA: Divine DNA Blueprint Attunement

Work with the Divine DNA Blueprint so you can align with highest mental, emotional & spiritual self

  • 1 hour
  • 60 US dollars
  • Distant Orb of Life


Wheel of Light Starseed Activation: Divine DNA Blueprint Attunement Energy healing techniques allow us to tap into the subtle components of our being. Genetic keys can be switched on & off through changes to our environment. These keys are reflected in the energy body & restoration of the original energetic blueprint can help us to restore health on other levels. Different parts of the physical body are reflected in our energetic blueprint - including the coding of our DNA. By working with the Divine DNA Blueprint we can align with our highest mental, emotional & spiritual potential by restoring the flow of life-force energy throughout the system. As dormant genetic keys are activated on an energetic level, positive & progressive changes can manifest on other levels in order to bring us into alignment with our limitless light & soul-purpose Awakening to 5D consciousness requires healing & the resolution of attachments to lower forms of consciousness & through the Wheel of Light Starseed Activations, the Lemurian Great Mother Goddess Amara guides us through this essential & sacred process. Different parts of the physical body are reflected in our energetic blueprint. This goes for the coding of our DNA too. Our DNA contains all of the information our cells need to follow for the efficient running of the whole system. Our DNA determines our appearance & many aspects of our health. But our DNA isn’t the “Commander in Chief” that old fashioned medical models proposed. It was believed that our DNA determined whether we would get sick, how long we would live, & even what we would die of. These conclusions about the scope of our DNA have proven to be incorrect. The new science of Epigenetics (“Epi” meaning “Above”) has shown that our environment, behaviour & thought habits all determine how our DNA is expressed. This energy can be used for... Balancing the energy body Activating the light body Clearing blocks Re-integrating stagnant energy Harnessing spiritual gifts (healing, esp & visions) Grounding higher frequency energies Aligning the physical body with the higher self Soul retrieval Regained energy Release limiting beliefs Move on from negative habits Increased clarity & concentration Accessing past-life memories Deeper connection with spirit guides Reduce fear & anxiety Increase physical health Manifest happiness 1 attunement. 53-page course No pre-requiste

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule please contact us 24 hours in advance if possible

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Bolt + Tie Building Suite 178 1400 Main Street, Clarksville, IN 47129, USA

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