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WOLSA: Shakti Rising Attunement

Empower your Divine Feminine as a formless, limitless and sacred spiritual power and life force

  • 1 h
  • 40 US dollars
  • Distant Orb of Life


Shakti is the name given to the divine feminine energetic current that is expressed through, and underpins the whole of creation. The name “Shakti” means ”force” or “power” and is also the name of the goddess that is partnered with the Hindu god, Shiva. Shakti isn’t always depicted as the lover-goddess of Shiva however; the word “Shakti” can also be used to refer to divine feminine energy as a formless, limitless and sacred spiritual power. The goddess Shakti represents life and life-force. It’s said that without her, Shiva takes on the affect of a corpse. Shakti’s energy is considered the animating component that expresses life, creativity and abundance. She is depicted as a dancer whose spirit and passion find full grounding in her being as she embodies higher spiritual energies through her physical form and expresses her divine nature through every intuitive step. She reminds us that authenticity means embracing and expressing the eternal and spiritual through the temporal and earthly realms. Shakti manifests through all people, all living things, the planets, the stars and the earth itself. Wherever life exists, Shakti exists. And you are an expression of Shakti too! In the modern age, an important part of working with Shakti is learning to appreciate that compartmentalising the spiritual side of things and seeing spirituality as separate to “reality” is a flawed model; and that the etheric essence of everything is essential, evolving and eternal. This activation includes a light-language mantra & sacred symbol that can be used to immediately connect with Pleiadian energy during healing & spiritual empowerment sessions. The manual includes links to relevant video articles as well as a 60-minute Light-Language Meditation that is used during attunements & whenever you want to connect deeply with this energy. This energy can be used for... Embracing intuitive gifts Enhancing magickal powers Aligning with the Divine Feminine Increasing creativity Self-expression through dance Manifesting your will Accessing higher states of consciousness Energetic protection For support during life-changes Fertility & abundance Clearing negative energy Female sexuality Menopause & menstruation Processing birth & death experiences 1 attunement. 53-page course manual No prerequisites.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule please contact us 24 hours in advance if possible

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Bolt + Tie Building Suite 178 1400 Main Street, Clarksville, IN 47129, USA

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