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The Christmas "Spirit"

Anyone who has experienced the joy of Christmas knows the Christmas Spirit. Jesus' birth is the divinity of the energy. Christmas music is the vibration of the energy. And Santa is the personality of the energy. When you draw into the energy of Santa you experience an attunement to this energy. The joy and sadness at Christmas all provide a type of healing for our souls. A remembrance of experience in the past, the joy of the "present" or the hope for the future. Even though we all embrace varying traditions there is a sense of unity about the holiday. Whereas it may have taken you years to develop your understanding of Santa. Perhaps you were even hesitant of him in the beginning. Many children cry on his lap every year. To this day it's my favorite picture of my children. But over time you learn to trust this energy. You knew that sometimes you did get what you wanted and that made it all worth it. So worth it that you showed your children this giving energy. But it took years of development.

If in a thousand years people had forgotten about Santa someone could find the attunement or frequency of Santa. This energy would fill you with a sense of wonder and magic, a childlike energy that lets you dream even if only for a season that all your wishes will come true. I hope we never lose this energy but if we did, I know the Attuners or Energy Workers of the world could reintroduce it. That's what they can offer.

The spirit of Christmas is carried on year after year because they are attuned to it. They understand what Christmas means to them and use these traditions to enhance their lives year after year. They embrace the essence of the energy. Attuned but not forced to follow all the traditions only the ones they love and gives comfort.

Another spirit of Christmas is in the music. Christmas music sets the tone for the season. The radio and stores fill with the vibration of Christmas music. Carolers gather to spread the cheer. I recently heard a story of Carolers who had gathered to sing, only to be jeered by another group of people. The hecklers were yelling over top of them wanting them to quit. But that groups of carolers didn't stop. They continued to sing because they had the spirit of Christmas in their hearts. They knew that the best time to sing loud and clear is when they try to stop you. You have three choices in the world, to be a jeerer, singer or watcher. The watchers are stones, and they just don't care. If you draw into the spirit of Christmas, you might make the right choice. Because if we quit, they win. Even if no one can hear us, they win if we quit. They win if they take our Christmas Spirit from us. They win if we let them.

When I was a kid, I went Caroling once with a group of school friends. We hopped on a bus with our aluminum foiled wrapped soda cans and headed towards a nursing home. We sang our songs, and everyone seemed happy. I really don't know if they enjoyed our singing or not, I couldn't tell, and no one said. And even if the whole room had fallen asleep and some of them had. I had the best time, the ride in the bus, the laughter, the joy, and the youthful innocence. And for me that is the sound of Christmas. So, when you sing don't do it for the jeer or the praise. It really doesn't matter because you know in your heart what it's all about.

And how can you think about Christmas and not mention the birth of Christ. He brings the sense of joy and renewal. The joy of new life regardless of who greeted him into the world. He took his first breathe, air filling his lungs, and he never looked back. Born under a beautiful star and sought after by wise men. His first moments were spent in that stable because no one had room for him. But that humble origin didn't stop him. He always told the truth. He knew what he believed in, and he had hope we would follow him. He was never here to follow us. Only to show us true and pure love and joy.

People don't need to be attuned to the Christmas Spirit it is alive and well and experience it every year. But sometimes really great "Spirits" or energy frequencies get lost only because people don't use them anymore. They were not passed down by the generations. This is where attunements can help. Some people know how to turn on the light switch to these frequencies. That is what an attunement can do for you. A switch to use these beautiful energies to heal your soul. The way Christmas evokes responses every year.

Only the stars and the wise men greeted Jesus. No one else held any space for him. But on that day, there is hope for the future and faith in the universe that all is as it should be. We hold a special space for Jesus on Christmas Day. And if you didn't get everything you want this year, turn on your Christmas music, make your list again, because you never know what can happen when you believe in the spirit of Christmas.

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